Zap Crypto Review

If you’re looking for a secure crypto investment option that offers versatility and security, Zap is worth considering. This cryptocurrency has a variety of functionalities that make it ideal for both crypto investors and beginners who want to learn about trading. Despite not being as popular as Bitcoin, this small-cap altcoin is an excellent choice for those who want to diversify their portfolio or earn passive income.

The Zap crypto review is an all-in-one blockchain solution with many features that DApp developers can take advantage of. The platform’s oracle system uses a decentralized data feed to trigger smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike centralized oracles, which are slow and susceptible to errors, the platform’s decentralized network allows for faster and more accurate data submissions. Zap’s mining mechanism rewards direct data submissions and penalizes bad actors through the issuance of ZAP governance tokens.

Unveiling Zap Crypto: A Comprehensive Review

In addition to its oracle functionality, Zap also provides a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that allow creators to create, trade, and purchase unique digital items. This platform is ideal for content creators such as artists, influencers, and athletes who want to engage with their followers in new ways.

Buying ZAP with a credit card is easy and hassle-free. The process is fast, secure, and requires no prior knowledge of the blockchain. Simply click the “Buy ZAP Now” button featured on this page to be safely taken to the checkout page. Fill in your crypto wallet address correctly, and follow the instructions to complete the transaction. The purchased coins will automatically appear in your wallet after the exchange is complete.

Phishing URL Checker API

phishing URL checker API identifies suspicious websites and helps you avoid them. It analyzes multiple threat indicators to detect poor reputation domains, malicious links, and other risky website content. Integrate it with your SIEM/SOAR platform to detect phishing attacks and prevent data loss.

Phishing URL Checker API


Attackers spend less time on developing web pages for phishing websites since they are just trying to trick users into revealing their personal information. So, they often redirect all their links to a common page for easy detection. This feature identifies such suspicious websites by checking whether a specific page is found in the footer section of the webpage.

Existence of sensitive word

Professional cybercriminals use the words ‘log in’, ‘update’, ‘validate’ and other such terms in their phishing websites to convey urgency and convince users to visit their fake sites. This feature checks a given URL for the presence of these words and if found, assigns a value of 1 to it (phishing).

Number of dots in hostname

In most cases, a legitimate website has two dots in its hostname except for ‘www.’ but phishers add more subdomains and use these in their URLs to deceive users. This feature identifies such suspicious websites that have a high number of dots in the hostname by calculating the count of them.

It is important to note that most of the phishing websites use HTTP connections instead of HTTPS. This feature identifies such suspicious websites using the feature that checks the protocol of the webpage and if it is ‘https’, it assigns a value of 0 to it (legitimate) else 1 (phishing). The feature also identifies websites that have a SSL certificate installed.